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D’Arcy Rahming Jr


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

D’Arcy Rahming Jr. LLB
2012 Northwestern University
2022 University of the Bahamas

D’Arcy Rahming Jr. graduated in 2012 from Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Robotics.

After running a small video production company in the USA, he returned home and joined his father in Management Consulting. There they both helped small and medium sized businesses increase sales, and structure themselves for continued growth and investment.

With clients in the technology space, sporting community, property development, tourism and culture, and news media, D’Arcy Jr got to see a wide variety of business models and company structures. Working with them he realized that most businesses lacked the capital to grow beyond what they were doing, and because so few bankers understood the variety of business models and their nuances, they were doomed to being undercapitalized.

In 2017 with the adoption of the Crowdfunding Rules in the Bahamas, D’Arcy Jr and his father saw it as an opportunity to help businesses find the funding they needed and help investors diversify their portfolios with fast growing companies.

Because FinTech is a combination between technology and finance, D’Arcy Jr decided to upgrade his skills and go back to school, completing his Bachelor of Laws (with credit) from the University of the Bahamas in April 2022.

After 4 years of the licensing ArawakX, D’Arcy Jr is responsible for implementing core technologies, and making sure that any technology solutions fit within our local and international regulatory environment. Ultimately this is to facilitate ArawakX’s mission of raising money for companies from investors over the internet.

He is also an avid martial artist, having represented the Bahamas as an athlete, coach and administrator and is actively engaged in the education and sporting communities.

D’Arcy Jr and the entire team at ArawakX have a passion for financial inclusion, business, finance and technology. ArawakX is the first licensed crowdfunding platform and stock exchange combined in the Bahamas.

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