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Visa Requirements


Do I need a visa to board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and to visit Nassau and Coco Cay?

The island of Coco Cay is, for all intents and purposes, an extension of the ship.
Carinext 2024 attendees, as guests onboard the Freedom of the Seas, will only need their SeaPass card, just like if they were on the ship to access the island.

A valid passport is required to board on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglade) Cruise Terminal:
If you’re setting off from or going to be in transit at Fort Lauderdale, Miami or any other US port or airport, you must apply for an ETSA for entry to the United States.

Official ESTA Visa Application website

Attendees wishing to visit Nassau may be required to possess a Bahamian Visitor Visa if they are nationals of countries that would normally require such a Visitor Visa to enter The Bahamas.

For detailed and updated information, please visit: Bahamas Immigration